FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION "Can physical therapy help with my tmj?"

Physical Therapy provided by Robert Murdocco RPT, CFC can help TMJ pain. Robert will evaluate your personal symptoms, which vary so much between clients. He will then create a treatment plan especially for your case. He utilizes techniques that include manual therapy, mobilizations, intra-oral massage, stretching, strengthening, and myofunctional therapy to get the best outcomes for your case. He not only provides relief from symptoms, but works on achieving long term pain reduction. He collaborates with your dentist if you are under dental care. Physical Therapy is a cost effective way to treat TMJ pain. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION"I have so many symptoms, is it tmj?"

TMJ comprises of any combination of symptoms that include, but not limited to the following. That is why it is so difficult to diagnose. Clients often go for doctor to doctor for the individual symptoms, with no one doctor identifying the overall problem of TMJ. 

TMJ Symptoms: Jaw pain, popping, clicking, headaches, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, full ears, migraines, neck pain, facial pain, even low back pain etc...

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION"Will insurance pay for my therapy?"

TMJ is not recognized by many insurance companies still and is therefore not covered properly. HTPT does not bill insurance for this reason, which also allows us to treat our clients fully without insurance limitations. Some companies do allow out of network reimbursement which is at the clients discretion.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION"How long do i need to go to therapy for?"

Because TMJ is so individualized it is difficult to determine prior to therapy evaluation. We recommend seeing Robert Murdocco RPT, CFC for an Initial Consultation which always includes a treatment session. At that time you and Robert can determine the extent of the TMJ and how therapy can benefit you. Typically the longer the TMJ has affected you, the longer it takes to treat. Most clients attend therapy initially a few times a week, then once a week, then as needed (headache, jaw popping etc).. Robert acts as a TMJ ER for his clients, and we always squeeze in an emergency for same day treatment.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION"I live in another town or city, can I have therapy?"

Robert has clients that fly in from all over the world, from out of state and from other cities. They will come for a week of daily treatments, then repeat as needed. Their philosophy is that it is worth it to have some treatment and feel better, than to not get any help at all. 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION"Does he treat other physical therapy related problems?"

Robert has been a Physical Therapist for over 20 years, treating thousands of orthopedic cases. He does treat all Physical Therapy related diagnosis, as well as specializing in the neck and jaw.